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Superb snorkelling in Cabo de Palos

snorkeling in cabo de palos

Some of the numerous Mediterranean coves and inlets of Cabo de Palos can be accessed by land while you can reach others only be sea. It is definitely worth discovering them (by walking or swimming) along the coastline and deciding which one is the most charming for you,
This coastal area with transparent waters and many magical spots, which are undiscovered by many, is part of the Marine Reserve of Cabo de Palos and Islas Hormigas, recognized as a world marine sanctuary. Besides the beautiful Mediterranean beaches, there are  many less transited spots that the locals enjoy, such as Cala Roja or la Cala de la escalera, la Cala de Levante or Cala Cañonero

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Cala Túnez

Cala Túnez, located below the Cabo de Palos lighthouse, is surrounded by small islets and natural reefs that are full of life.

cala tunez cabo de palos

El Cañonero

This cove with dark slate rocks is unknown to many and offers jumps from different heights. Great snorkelilng spot. 

saltando desde el caÑonero

La Galera

La Galera has calm waters. It is small and cozy formed by rocks, where there are very interesting sea beds.

la galera cabo de palos

La Isla del Pato

Situated in the cove that adjoins the “Playa de Levante” beach. This cove is like a natural swimming pool and you can swim to the Pato islet and even jump from its rocks if you fancy it!
You can swim across to the islet from La Galera.

islote del pato - la galera cabo de palos 2

Cala Fria

You can access Cala Fría from the shingle bay beside El Faro (Lighthouse) that slopes towards a sandy seabed, from where you can catch a glimpse of a small wreck to the right side of the bay.

Rock pinnacles, sea grass, octopus, sand eels, pipe fish, rays… and with its waters meeting the marine reserve of Hormigas Islands in their most open area, the abundant marine life from the reserve take refuge in the multitude of rocks, recesses, channels and crevices.

Cala Fria Cabo de Palos


Walk down the steps that lead to a tiny bay that is protected from waves and currents, from which we can enjoy a great variety of beautiful rock formations between meadows of Posidonia Oceanica, while swimming with lots of smaller fish and looking out for pipefish, octopus, barracuda, moonfish in the near distance.

Cala Reona

Cala Reona is the last beach between Cabo de Palos and the natural park of Calblanque, a cove of 200 m of sand and black slate from the erosion of the surrounding slate mountains. 

Beautiful cat with Cala Reona in the background

La Zeneta & Paseo de la Barra

La Zeneta is the old part of the Paseo de la Barra that was divided with the construction of the port. The small boats and the quaint houses on the promenade make it a magical scenery. The water almost reaches the doors of the houses, and in some parts, the walking path narrows down to the point of disappearing between its portals. The paseo de la barra offers high accessibility, with shallow and clear waters. Ideal for family fun with children.

Photo credit: Diario de La Manga

La Zeneta - Cabo de Palos

El Descargador

The Descargador cove has a quiet and small beach surrounded by slate cliffs and incredibly clear waters where you can dive, swim or practice water sports.

el descargador cabo de palos


The pebbled cove de Cala Flores is located in the Cala Flores square where parking is available. Walk down 30 steps and you will find yourself on the beach with rounded stones, thanks to the erosion of the sea. From this cove we can swim to a small islet near an área of rocky pinnacles in a shallow área, which prevents boats from approaching the shore of the cove.

Cala de CalaFlores

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