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Jun 30,2022 Kajari Dumra 0 comments

As soon as we saw that Google Pride launched attributes for Business Profiles to show that our business is “LGBTQ friendly”, we lost no time!
Of course, this is something that we have always kept close to heart – love is love, love is great. Simple. We all belong. Enabling the “LGBTQ-friendly” and “Transgender Safe Space” attribute in our Google Maps Search and Local Business profile is just another small and simple step for our guests to know that they’re welcome.

As coincidence would have it, this June 2022, on the 17th and 18th, we participated in a renowned online marketing conference on the beach, yes, on the beach, called SEONTHEBEACH and we based our entry for the T-shirt competition on this theme. We were so pleased to win second prize!
My 14 year old son designed this with me in his role as the Art Director and all this was done by hand – all the artwork as well as the lettering.


T-shirt design for SeOnTheBeach 2022
Google Pride – LGTBQ+ friendly business
#bewhoyouare #sequientueres #googlepride #sob22


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And this is our amazing 14 year old Art Director slaying it for the judges.
100% hand made for Google Pride. Thanks to Sico and the organizers for giving him the opportunity and the support by allowing him to present our design.


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