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Mar 19,2022 Kajari Dumra 0 comments

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. (Robert Swan)

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contenedores verdes fuera de Verdemar 3 en Playa Honda
Reciclar en Playa Honda

There are waste containers, opposite the building on both sides, outside the colorful Verdemar 3 building as you walk out to the right and also on your left.

Plain Standard Bin

The standard rubbish bin or garbage can is for organic materials or things that can’t be recycled.

Blue Recycle Bin

Blue Recycle Bin – Recycle Paper: standard office papers, magazines or newspaper. Recycle Cardboard: cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, etc.

Green Dome Recycle Bin

Green Dome Recycle Bin: Glass Bottles, Jars and Containers (do not include the metal lids to jars).

Yellow Recycle Bin

Yellow Recycle Bin for four types of containers:
Plastic – soft drink bottles, detergent bottles, shopping bags, yoghurt tubs, etc. Metal – tin cans, aluminium cans/trays, etc. Brick type containers – milk, juice, soup containers. Bread bags – those containing both paper and plastic.