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Mar 19,2022 Kajari Dumra 0 comments

Thai Massage Yaya Napatsanan

Calle Cala Flores nº7, Cabo de Palos, 30370

For appointments or queries:
Tel. +34 649 007 690
Mon – Sun, 10:00-21:00

How to get to the Thai massage centre in Cabo de Palos>>



Yaya Napatsanan offers us the ancestral therapeutic technique of Thai massage, which combines in Calaflores, Cabo de Palos. This massage combines acupressure on the energetic points of your body with assisted stretching to maximise the effect.

We have gone there a number of times and we keep on going back because for us, from personal experience, it is like resetting the body and mind.
We strongly agree with Yaya when it comes to these 10 points she highlights about her massage sessions:

Thai massage offers many physical and mental benefits
1. It reduces stress
2. It relieves muscular and articular pain
3. It raises your energy level.
4. It’s yoga inspired movements are beneficial for health
5. It provides relief for head aches
6. Localised massage points
7. Stimulation of the circulatory system
8. Very relaxing and restful
9. Improves your range of body movements
10. It promotes a good state of mind

Yaya Nap
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What a lovely gift for some one special!
Ask about the massage gift formats available at the centre.