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Scenic walking trail for the whole family – Mount of Ashes

View from Monte de las Cenizas
Canon Monte de las Cenizas

A scenic walking trail for the whole family, Monte de las Cenizas or the mount of Ashes is located near Portman, within the Natural Park of Calblanque, in the municipal term of Cartagena, province of Murcia. You will see pairs of very impressive British built Vickers and Armstrong 38.1 cm guns on either side of the high hilltops, which were constructed in 1931 on another previous XVIII century construction.

A grand Mayan style entrance leads to a few buildings in its interior and the two 1923 Vickers guns (maximum range of 35,000 meters and a 18.6 meters long tube weighing more than 88,000 kilograms) designed for coastal defense.

Take the exit from the MU-312 towards La Manga Club. Drive straight past the entrance Club entrance and follow the sign to Portman. This road becomes wider with a cycle lane, going up hill. The access to the gun footpath is at the crest of this hill (through a wooden gate on your left). However, parking there is not allowed.

Just before you reach the access there is a small road off to your right that says Llano del Beal. Go 50m up this road to reach a large parking area on your left. Walk out and go right to reach the starting point, indicated by a signboard.

  • Patrimonial interest
  • Beautiful views
  • Area of great ecological value
  • 360º views
  • 45 minutes each way
  • Level: Easy to moderate
  • 6 km
  • Duration: 1 hr, 30 minutes (45 minutes each way)
Horizon from Monte de las Cenizas
View from Monte de las Cenizas

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