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Sep 07,2016 Kajari Dumra 0 comments

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Calblanque is an area of protected natural beaches. A must visit. You will be amazed by the spectacular and undisturbed beauty of this virgin stretch of beaches with its natural unspoilt landscape of arid mountains, its long fine golden sand beaches, its coves, the fossil dunes, salt water marshes… and the blue blue sea! Rich flora and fauna.

Different access routes are available with different entrances to the various beaches.
By car from the apartment: Drive towards Los Belones and from there head back towards La Manga/Cabo de Palos via the A-7 Highway. Then you will see a sign for the MU-312, signposted for Calblanque. Take some water – no shops there!
Another great option to to do the hiking trail from Cala Reona to Calblanque.

[ul_part][li_part column=”2″]Cala Arturo[/li_part][li_part column=”2″]Cala Magre[/li_part][li_part column=”2″]Playa Dentoles[/li_part][li_part column=”2″]Playa Larga[/li_part][li_part column=”2″]Playa Las Cañas[/li_part][li_part column=”2″]Playa Negrete[/li_part][li_part column=”2″]Playa Pereño[/li_part][li_part column=”2″]Wide beaches with fine golden sand[/li_part][/ul_part]

Here is a gallery of beautiful Calblanque images from, the source of the images in this publication.

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